Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust Saves 145 Acres at Second Manassas and Kelly’s Ford

Just as we commemorate the 157th anniversary of Second Manassas, the American Battlefield Trust has announced their latest preservation victory – 145 acres saved at both Second Manassas and Kelly’s Ford battlefields.

According to the Trust, the tracts of land saved were quite significant to the story of both battles. In their official victory statement, the Trust stated that “At Second Manassas, you preserved two significant tracts. Union troops charged over one in their attacks on the Unfinished Railroad, and Longstreet’s men advanced over the other in their massive assault on the battle’s last day. In Culpeper County, we added to the 1,234 acres that were already preserved at Kelly’s Ford.”

In total, the American Battlefield Trust raised approximately $215,000 from donors to preserve this land.

Below are two of the maps showing the properties saved by the Trust and its supporters for this campaign. The tracts are shown in yellow.

For more information on the Trust’s announcement, please visit their website here.


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