September-October 2019 Presentations


4th: Bert Dunkerly, Battle of Eutaw Spring, Dr. George Mosse SAR (SC)

4th: Chris Mackowski, “Grant’s Last Battle,” Genessee Community College, Batavia, NY

9th-11th: Chris Kolakowski, “The Kentucky Campaign,” East Tennessee Civil War Round Tables in Knoxville, Kingsport, and Morristown

10th: Rob Orrison and Kevin Pawlak, “Maryland Campaign,” Chesapeake Civil War Round Table

10th: Chris Mackowski, “The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign,” First Defenders Civil War Roundtable, Reading, PA

10th: Rob Orrison and Kevin Pawlak, “Maryland Campaign,” Bull Run Civil War Round Table

11th: Sarah Kay Bierle, “The New Market Campaign,” West LA and West San Fernando Valley Civil War Round Table

16th: Dan Welch, “The Last Road North,” Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Round Table

16th: Dwight Hughes, “Unvexed Waters: The Mississippi River Squadron,” Charlottesville Civil War Round Table, Charlottesville, VA

19th: Phill Greenwalt, “The Florida Brigade at Gettysburg,” Palm Coast Civil War Round Table, FL

20th-22nd: Chris Mackowski, Civil War Roundtable Congress, Missouri Civil War Museum, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO

20th: Rob Orrison and Kevin Pawlak, “Maryland Campaign,” South Maryland Civil War Round Table

24th: Chris Mackowski, “The Battle of the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania Court House,” Williamsburg (VA) Civil War Roundtable

26th: Chris Mackowski, Buffalo (NY) Civil War Roundtable

28th: Civil War Symposium at the Doulgas MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, VA (including ECW’s Chris Kolakowski, Chris Mackowski, and Dan Welch)


7th: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” Tri-Cities Civil War Roundtable, Kingsport, TN

8th: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” Knoxville (TN) Civil War Roundtable

9th: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” Cumberland Mountain Civil War Round Table, Crossville, TN

10th: Julie Mujic, “When a Copperhead Loves an Abolitionist,” California University of PA Civil War Round Table

15th: Steve Davis, “A Long and Bloody Task: The Atlanta Campaign,” Lincoln-Davis Round Rable, Alsip, IL

17th: Steward Henderson, “Fighting for Their Freedom: The United States Colored Troops,” Powhatan (VA) Civil War Roundtable

17th: Phill Greenwalt, Lee and Grant, Civil War Roundtable of Miami (FL)

18th: Chris Mackowski, “The Great Battle Never Fought: The Mine Run Campaign,” Lake of the Woods Civil War Study Group, Locust Grove, VA

19th: Mike Block, Chris Mackowski, Rob Orrison, and Kevin Pawlak, bus tour, “The Fall of 1863: Bristoe Station, Rappahannock Station, and Mine Run,” Prince William County, VA

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  1. For anyone in the Leesburg area who is interested, I’ll be giving a tour of Ball’s Bluff at 11:00 on Sunday morning, September 15.

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