Podcast Additional Resources: “A Conversation With Charlie Knight”

In the podcast episode that released last week, Dan Welch and Charlie Knight talked about New Market, Little Billy Mahone, the Crater, and more. Today, we’ve collected posts from our archives about those topics to add to the discussion.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear the recording, it’s available to all subscribers at the “NCO Rank” on our Patreon page and you’ll be able to listen or download at your convenience.

Battle of New Market

The New Market Campaign Timeline – Expanded

Battlefield Markers & Monuments: Woodson’s Missourians At New Market

New Market’s Memory Wars

I fits mit Sigel – New Market, May 15, 1864

William Mahone

William “Little Billy” Mahone—Part One

William “Little Billy” Mahone—Part Two

“Little Billy’s” Big Mausoleum

Battle of the Crater

“Altogether Too Absurd For Serious Consideration”: The Federal Mine at Petersburg

Scenes from the Crater, 150 Years Later

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