November-December 2019 Presentations


2nd: Bert Dunkerly, “Bread Riot,” Connecticut Civil War Round Table

8th-10th: Dave Powell, Chris Mackowski, and Sarah Kay Bierle, West Coast Civil War Conference in Sacramento, CA

11th: Phill Greenwalt, “Prospect Hill & Slaughter Pen Farm,” Western North Carolina Civil War Round Table, NC

12th: Bert Dunkerly, “Cold Harbor,” Central Pennsylvania Civil War Round Table

13th: Chris Mackowski, “Picking the Perfect Command,” Phil Kearny Civil War Roundtable of Northern New Jersey, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

13th: Rob Orrison, “Bristoe Station,” Central Ohio Civil War Round Table

14th: Paige Gibbons Backus, “The Chaos and Carnage in the Hospitals of First Manassas,” Bull Run Civil War Round Table, VA

14th: Rob Orrison, “John S. Mosby,” California Pennsylvania Civil War Round Table

16th: Chris Mackowski, bus tour of the Wilderness, Hershey (PA) Civil War Round Table

18th: Sean Michael Chick, “P.G.T. Beauregard,” South’s Library Theater, Mobile, AL

30th: Chris Mackowski, “Grant’s Last Battle,” Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, Allentown, PA

5th: Sarah Kay Bierle, “Then Christmas Came: The Justification & Condemnation Of War In 1862,” Cobb Civil War Round Table, Atlanta, GA

7th: Chris Mackowski, Civil War Historical Impressions annual party, Gettysburg, PA

9th: Chris Mackowski, “Plenty of Blame to Share:  Ambrose Burnside and the Battle of Fredericksburg,” History Happy Hour Series, American Civil War Museum, Richmond, VA

19th: Phill Greenwalt, The Battle of Fredericksburg, Miami Civil War Roundtable (FL)

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