Question of the Week: 11/18-11/24/19

The leaves are almost all off the trees (at least in Virginia) and the foliage is down which means…it’s easy to see earthworks! Do you have a favorite set of earthworks to see and/or study on a Civil War battlefield or fort?

9 Responses to Question of the Week: 11/18-11/24/19

  1. The remnants of Fort Fisher and the much smaller but more complete Ft. Anderson across the river are very well interpreted. There are also intriguing remnants of the “Sugarloaf Line” across the peninsula north of Ft. Fisher.

  2. Cold Harbor was the first to pop in my head, just because of the sheer volume of them all in one place, varying in size and structure (traverses and such). But I’m intrigued by the earthworks at Blakely in Alabama and I hope to spend more time there in the future. They have a trail that follows the Confederate and Union lines.

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