Fort Towson and Doaksville, Oklahoma

native american history month

Over the summer, I had the chance to visit Doaksville, OK–site of the final Confederate surrender of the Civil War. You can read an account of my trip in this blog post I wrote for the anniversary of the surrender. You can also check out the video I did OnLocation for the Emerging Civil War YouTube page here.

Just a few short miles away from Doaksville is Fort Towson, the site of a former military fort. As part of our commemoration of Native American Heritage Month, I posted today another video on the ECW YouTube page that offers a look around the fort. You can check out that video here.

For more information about Fort Towson, visit the Oklahoma Historical Society’s website. There’s information about Doaksville there, too.

Fort Towson Museum.jpg

Fort Towson Transportation.jpg

Fort Towson Barracks.jpg

Fort Towson Cannon.jpg


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  1. Thank you,Chris for educating us on the role of Cherokee Indians in the Civil War.This is a topic not often highlighted but so important to know

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