Year in Review: The Weekly Features

The ECW blog has a few weekly features, posting slots, columns (TBH we’re not exactly sure what we call them!) that add some stability and anticipation each week.

Monday mornings you’ll find Question of the Week to kick off the next seven days.

Friday’s ECW Weekenders offer some inspiration for days off or trip planning.

Saving History Saturdays spotlight preservation efforts across the nation.

Sunday’s Week in Review looks back at the previous seven days and lists all the published blog posts in one easy-to-find and easy-to-explore place.

While these might seem like little things to celebrate in a Year in Review, preparing these posts for 52 weeks every year is shared by the authors and editors and usually happens behind the scenes to keep good content on the blog for you! Most of these weekly posts never missed this year and that’s pretty exciting for us.

Do you have a favorite of these weekly posts?

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