Saving History Saturday: Exciting News From Kentucky

House Bill 319. A new chapter for battlefield preservation may be on the horizon in Kentucky!

State representative Daniel Elliott has sponsored this bill in the state legislature for the creation of Kentucky Battlefield Preservation Fund, which would help the state gain access to federal funding for Civil War battlefield preservation.

Quoted in the Northern Kentucky Tribune, Elliott explained his reasons for sponsoring the bill:

“Kentucky has significant battlefield sites from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, which were important to the formation of our nation. Places like Logan’s Fort in Stanford, Blue Licks Battlefield near Mount Olivet and Perryville Battlefield in my district are important sites that need to be protected.

“Nearly 90 percent of the Perryville Battlefield is preserved, and 100 percent is achievable, giving Kentucky the only battlefield of the Civil War to be 100 percent secure.”

We are watching closely to see the outcome of this big step for preservation in the Bluegrass State!

3 Responses to Saving History Saturday: Exciting News From Kentucky

  1. I cannot say enough how important this bill is. Kentucky has some great sites and a legacy of preservation dating back three decades with the support of the Commonwealth government, but more needs to be done.

  2. Perryville is a state and national treasure. You can take days walking the terrain to gain that ground level perspective and sight lines. To have it 100% secured would be wonderful. Thank you Mr. Elliot. H. Lubbers

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