Saving History Saturday: Your Favorites?

Usually, there’s plenty of Civil War preservation news, but this week it was a little sparse in the press release column. We’d like to give a shout-out to the preservation groups across the country that are weathering the COVID storm and will continue working to save battlefields, historic sites, and telling the stories of the past in this time and the future. We know there will be big news ahead and we look forward to sharing it.

We’re also encouraging “positive thinking,” so we’d love to hear from you and turn this into a discuss post! What is your favorite Civil War preservation victory? And have you been able to visit that site since the preservation moment?

7 Responses to Saving History Saturday: Your Favorites?

  1. Difficult to pick a single favorite, but three in Virginia are certainly noteworthy: Ox Hill (Chantilly) – though technically not a victory as only 5 acres of a 500+ acre battlefield were ultimately preserved, it was the spark that launched the battlefield preservation movement in th U.S., Brandy Station, and Bristoe Station. I visit all three all regularly.

  2. There are many to chose from, but a couple come readily to mind:

    1. Preservation of the Slaughter Pen portion of the Fredericksburg Battlefield

    2. The ongoing preservation/restoration of the Franklin, Tennessee Battlefield

  3. The Perryville battlefield. It is nearly complete and when done will be the most complete preservation.

  4. Adding General Sweeny’s Museum to Wilson’s Creek Natl Battlefield. An incredible collection that was privately owned.

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