Chancellorsville, May 1

157 years ago today, the battle of Chancellorsville opened up. I always like to take a moment to spend some time thinking about the battle that happened—literally—in my front yard.

Check out the ECW YouTube page for more Day One action from Chancellorsville:

Day One, Part One: Along the Old Plan Road (my front yard again)

Day One, Part Two: Day One Battlefield (preserved by the American Battlefield Trust)

Day One, Part Three: From Sykes’s Position on the Day One Battlefield

Day One, Part Four: On Location: The Lee-Jackson Bivouac (from 2018)

4 Responses to Chancellorsville, May 1

  1. Great post Chris, I love the videos! The First Day of Chancellorsville is often overlooked, and it was a huge win to save that property. The Spotsylvania County Museum is relocating to The First Day of Chancellorsville site in the old Lick Run Community Center building (from the New Spotsylvania Village location). They should have some great Civil War exhibits there.

    I also really liked the ABT Zoom-Ken Burns Civil War 30-Years Later. You nailed it on the head when you said it was “the gateway drug to the Civil War” for many.

  2. Well-done. Appreciating the First Day is critical to understanding how the battle progressed. I live in the area also.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Aren’t you lucky to live on the Chancellorsville battlefield and so close to the 1st two Overland Campaign battlefields! Interesting to see how much traffic you have behind you–a product of the development down there? Will you be walking on Upton’s Road on May 10th?

    –Chris Barry

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