ECW Weekender: Touring Shiloh Battlefield (Virtually)

Wishing to go to a battlefield where General Grant fought after the History Channel’s series earlier this week?

How about a two-hour tour with NPS Ranger Stacy Allen at Shioh Battlefield?

Good news! You can catch a tour without ever leaving home since C-SPAN recorded this informative, on-site tour in 2012.

CSPAN Shiloh Battlefield Tour


2 Responses to ECW Weekender: Touring Shiloh Battlefield (Virtually)

  1. The Battle of Shiloh produced a number of iconic locations and actions — the engagements in the Peach Orchard, the crucial fighting withdrawal of Stuart’s Brigade, Confederate efforts following the death of General Albert Sidney Johnston, the “lost patrol” of Lew Wallace, the Hornet’s Nest, the Sunken Road, Grant’s Last Line – but perhaps the best summary of “What went wrong with the Confederate Attack on Pittsburg Landing” is presented by Bjorn Skaptason in the video by Tony Willoughby, “A Ponderous Avalanche: the lost hours of the Confederate attack at Shiloh” (published on YouTube in 2015)

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