ECW Weekender: Monocacy Battlefield (Virtually)

Hey, we’re keeping an eye on the official announcements, and we’re getting closer to being able to get back to exploring more historic sites in person! But we thought we’d keep it “virtual” for another week or so and spotlight a few more great resources out there.

Today, we journey to Monocacy Battlefield in Maryland—thanks to the online resources provided by the National Park Service. Be sure to check out the cool graphic tours they’ve created in addition to the more traditional “walk through” photos and videos.

Monocacy Battlefield – Virtual Tours

If you’re looking for more information about the Battle of Monocacy, ECW author Ryan Quint has the perfect solution for you! His book on the conflict has all the hallmark favorites of the ECW series, including great photos, maps, and tour notes for when you make the trek to this battlefield in person.

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