Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust Celebrates Victory At Four Battlefields

Earlier this week, an announcement from American Battlefields Trust shared a preservation victory for four Civil War battlefields!

“Thanks to the efforts of our donors, plus the availability of state grants and generous landowner donations 101 acres of 1862 Civil War history are now saved! These five tracts include land from multiple efforts, and 61 acres at Shiloh in the West, and crucial tracts at Fredericksburg, Glendale and South Mountain in the East.

“These battlefields represent different theaters of the war, but they share the distinction of having played an important part in shaping the history of our great nation.

“The Trust and other preservationists have already saved many acres of land at both of these battlefields, but development is a real and present threat. This victory helps to ensure that the land we and others have worked so hard to protect is not compromised.”

To learn more about the land and specific acreage preserved through this victory, please visit the announcement article on American Battlefield Trust’s website.

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