Question of the Week: 9/14-9/20/20

What’s your favorite regiment that fought at the Battle of Antietam?

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  1. There are many great choices, but I would pick the 1st Texas after the brutal fighting in the cornfield. LTC Work’s official report speaks volumes to the ferocity of the fighting, “I entered the engagement with 226 men, officers-field and staff-included, of which number 170 are known to have been killed and wounded, besides 12 others who are missing, and, doubtless, also killed or wounded. During the engagement I saw four bearers of our State colors shot down”

  2. Four batteries (One thru Four) of the Washington Artillery of Louisiana participated in the battle of Sharpsburg, and contributed their usual high level of competent performance, combining efficient expenditure of ammunition with considered application of fire against appropriate targets of infantry and enemy artillery. Captain Merritt Miller (Third Company) and Colonel James Walton (Commanding Officer of Washington Artillery) were both Mentioned in Despatches by LGen James Longstreet.

  3. Many, many to choose from. Ones that stand out the most to me for their performances on September 17 are: the Iron Brigade regiments, 14th Brooklyn, 51st Pa, 51st New York, 9th New York.

  4. From the Army of the Potomac, the 9th New York (Hawkins Zouaves). From the Army of Northern Virginia, the 1st Texas.

  5. The 7th Georgia Infantry, purely on a sentimental basis. While writing a historical fiction piece, I placed a character in the 7th GA (picked at random) and wrote what it might have been like in the West Woods from his point of view. That research sparked a curiosity and launched me toward a greater passion for learning about the war. That same year, I visited Antietam on the anniversary of the battle and walked in my character’s footsteps.

  6. The 18th Georgia Infantry, which was part of the Texas Brigade then. One of my great-great grandfathers and his younger brother were members.

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