Year in Review 2020

Catharine Furnace at Chancellorsville on Christmas Day 2020

As has become our custom, ECW is going to wrap up the year by looking back at the year’s highlights. 2020 was rough for a lot of us, and some people might be eager to wrap it up, but at ECW, we had our best year ever–thanks to you, Faithful Reader–and we’re glad to share some of our successes.

In the week ahead, look for a countdown of our most-read posts from 2020, as well as a few other highlights from the year past.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see just how far ECW has come over the years, you might have some fun looking at our previews “Year in Review” features. It’s a great way to explore some of the excellent content in our archives and read the work of a lot of talented historians. Our archives are really a golden treasure trove of fantastic history and Civil War writing, so we hope you’ll enjoy!

In the meantime, get ready, starting Saturday, for ECW’s 2020 Year in Review. We always culminate our countdown on New Year’s Day, so stay tuned!

(We didn’t do “Year in Review” recaps for our first two years, 2011 and 2012.)

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