Year in Review 2020: #10

We’re recapping our Top Ten posts from 2020, kicking off the countdown today at #10.

Monuments dominated much of the national discussion this year. Across the country, protests focused on racial justice brought renewed attention to the way our country commemorates the Civil War and, in particular, Confederate participants in the war. At times, the discussion deteriorating into “shouting at” rather than “talking with.” Protests deteriorated into riots. Other protests were portrayed as riots. In the heat of controversy, monuments became indiscriminate targets. Of particular concern to the Civil War community was the fate of Confederate monuments at National Parks.

Kicking off our Year in Review is a post that shared the news about a provision in a Congressional appropriations bill that would have removed Confederate monuments from national parks.

#10: Removal of Confederate Monuments from National Parks? posted by Chris Mackowski on July 15, 2020:

A reader sent to me yesterday a copy of┬áthe proposed 2021 appropriation for the Department of the Interior, which includes the National Park Service, and he called to my attention to an item on pg. 160 of the appropriation….

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