Year in Review 2020: #2

The A.P. Hill Monument, circa. 1910

We’re almost there! We are at #2 on our Top Ten list of the most-read posts of 2020 at Emerging Civil War.

For #2, we see the return of Frank Jastrzembski to the countdown. And we see the return of A. P. Hill, too.

Earlier in the countdown, we shared a post about the continuing saga of A. P. Hills remains, where are buried beneath his monument in Richmond, Virginia. Frank first introduced us to that saga—and its many ethical considerations—in mid-June.

#2: What To Do With Lt. General A.P. Hill’s Remains? posted by Frank Jastrzembski on June 13, 2020

I’ve tried to stay out of the monument debate as long as I could — mainly to retain my sanity and avoid making enemies on either side. That was at least until a Civil War general’s remains became involved….

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