Saving History Saturday: 110 Acres at Three Battlefields

There’s hallowed ground to save at the battlefields of Mill Springs, Petersburg, and Bentonville, and American Battlefield Trust is working to preserve the total 110 acres at the three sites. According to the campaign page on their website, the preservation group explains:

Each of these battles tells the story of an important “beginning.” The beginning of the second year of the war and the beginning of the long-term effort to secure the important border state of Kentucky at Mill Springs. The beginning of the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, and the 292-day siege that would eventually lead to General Lee’s surrender. The opening day fighting at Bentonville, which marked the beginning of the final standoff between General William Tecumseh Sherman and General Joe Johnston.

For all additional historic details and more information about the preservation project (or to make a donation), please visit:

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  1. The late Ed Bearss dedicated more than 30 years of his life preserving core battlefield at Bentonville. Bentonville grew from less than100 acres to more than 2000 acres during this time. He also annually visited 6 NC CWRTs in his-designated “Carolinas Campaign.”
    A memorial gift, targeted for Bentonville, has been given by these 6 RTs in his memory. Please join us in helping preserve one of Ed’s favorite sites of Hallowed Ground.

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