Saving History Saturday: 36 Acres of The Wilderness Battlefield Ready For Preservation

Central Virginia Battlefields Trust is continuing a long-time partnership with American Battlefield Trust to assist with the final fundraising to save 36 acres of The Wilderness Battlefield!

In 2019, the American Battlefield Trust began preservation work on an important 36-acre tract on the Wilderness Battlefield. With the closing deadline looming on April 2, 2021, there’s still $49,000 left to raise to save this piece of historic land. When President David Duncan from American Battlefield Trust called to see if Central Virginia Battlefields Trust could raise half of the remaining funds (just $24,500), CVBT’s President Tom Van Winkle responded with a hearty “yes!”

The 36-acre tract sits near the western edge of the National Park, bordering State Route 20 (Orange Turnpike) and hemmed in by Lake of the Woods subdivision to the north and privately held tracts to the west and east. The land is within the designated Core Battlefield Area and was a key point for the unfolding combat in Saunders’ Field on May 5, 1864.

Through the generous support of the historic and local community, Central Virginia Battlefields Trust is rallying to raise their portion to help close on this tract of hallowed ground. They need to raise $24,500 by April 2 to fulfill this commitment and join their resources to the grants and fundraising already in place to “swing and close the gap,” making the difference between “history saved forever” or land lost to continued development.

To learn more about the history of these 36 acres or make a donation, please visit:


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