February 2021 ECW Newsletter Now Available

Are those earthworks, or just a big pile of snow?

The February 2021 ECW newsletter hit inboxes today. In this issue:

  • Chris Mackowski notes that February is so short, but wonders why it’s so long
  • Dwight Hughes publishes a book and builds a ship
  • Jon Tracey not only answers 10 Questions but reads an ECW book in the snow
  • Brian Matthew Jordan writes about a regiment that’s both typical and unique
  • Patrick Young talks about the partnership between ECW and his Reconstruction Era Blog
  • Phill Greenwalt gets jiggy with George Washington for Washington’s birthday

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We told you Jon Tracey was reading ECWS books in the snow. That’s That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam by Dan Vermilya–so good, Jon doesn’t even feel the cold….

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