Week In Review: March 22-28, 2021

Interviews for Women’s History Month, an account from Wilson’s Creek, Zouaves at Antietam, a live cannonball, and more…

Monday, March 22:

Question of the Week highlighted Civil War era politicians.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted some accounts about generals and gardening.

There’s a new video interview as some of the women at ECW chat about Civil War leadership for Women’s History Month.

Tuesday, March 23:

David T. Dixon shared his new find: a special diary!

Women & Preservation, Part 1 is a video chat with Mary Koik about working every day to save battlefields.

Wednesday, March 24:

Symposium Spotlight: P.G.T. Beauregard will be one of the fallen leaders discussed in August 2021.

Steve Davis posted a book review for The Enduring Lost Cause.

Women & Preservation: Part 2 is a video chat with Cindy Brochure about grassroots historic preservation in North Carolina.

Thursday, March 25:

Kevin Pawlak shared about seeing Second Manassas Battlefield after a controlled burn.

Guest author Tyler Dicembrino wrote about Hawkins’ Zouaves at Antietam.

Women & Preservation: Part 3 is a video chat with Stephanie Huffman about exploring ways to preserve family history and artifacts.

Friday, March 26:

Terry Rensel posted about Elizabeth Vincent and her life after Strong Vincent’s death at Gettysburg.

ECW Weekender: Pamplin Civil War Park is carefully hosting in-person, outdoor events for the Petersburg breakthrough anniversary.

Women & Preservation: A few concluding thoughts to the series.

Saturday, March 27:

Saving History Saturday: A live cannonball was found near Monocacy Battlefield…

Kristen Pawlak shared about Assistant Surgeon Samuel Melcher and his care of the wounded after the Battle of Wilson’s Creek.

Sunday, March 28:

Meg Groeling posted “Fire In The Sky” for Weekly Whitman.

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