The April 2021 ECW Newsletter is Now Available

Did you get your April 2021 ECW newsletter yet? It went out via email today. In this issue:

  • Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski fought the lawn and the lawn won.
  • We toss 10 Questions at ECW’s newest full-time contributor.
  • We feature two new books on the ECW Bookshelf.
  • Dave Powell, Eric Wittenberg, and Steve Davis all win some nifty awards.
  • Phill Greenwalt really wants to get people to go on a Rev War bus tour with him.
  • And more!

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2 Responses to The April 2021 ECW Newsletter is Now Available

  1. I love Nathan Provost, your new full time contributor. Articulate, thorough, and civil in the classical sense. Also infinitely more forgiving of Grant’s “generalship” than I am, but he is a pleasure to agree to disagree with.?

  2. Can you find my great grandfather? His name was Nathan Campe. He was in the first militia. The first army of Virginia. His brother Isidor was a water boy. He was too young to be in army. Nathan Campe was born in Norfolk, Va, but my grandmother was born in 1859 in Tarlboro, North Carolina. .My great grandmother died in 1831 in Norfolk and is buried in Norfolk in the Hebrew Cemetery, Norfolk, VA. You can see her on google. We are old time southerners..

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