Saving History Saturday: 144 Acres at Champion Hill

Adapted from American Battlefield Trust

Since the last musket fired in the Civil War more than 158 years ago, the Champion family has owned the land where one of the most significant actions of the Vicksburg Campaign occurred—on Champion Hill near the Crossroads formed by the intersection of three vital roads leading to the fortified city.

In 2007, American Battlefield Trust (ABT) purchased an easement from the Champion family to protect the land from development. And last year, they raised $78,000 toward the purchase price of the land when they created a memorial campaign to honor noted historian and friend of the Trust, Ed Bearss, who valued this theater of war above all others.

The Ed Bearss Tribute Fund is restricted to the exclusive use of Vicksburg Campaign transactions and generous friends have already contributed $78,000 toward the Fund, leaving just $107,000 to raise to complete the purchase of the 144-acre plot from the Champion family—at the incredible cost of 1.7 cents per square foot (that’s far less than the cost of a square foot of carpet). American Battlefield Trust needs to raise the additional funds by June 30, 2021 to complete the purchase of this hallowed ground.

To learn more about this preservation opportunity or donate, please visit:

2 Responses to Saving History Saturday: 144 Acres at Champion Hill

  1. Having walked on this Hallowed Ground at Champion Hill, I gladly contributed to this worthy cause a few weeks ago. I am of the opinion that if anyone who really cares and desires to preserve our American History and as well as to do honor to the memory of Ed Bearss, this is an excellent way to showing both.

    1. Thanks for doing that. This tract is right in the heart of the historic battlefield and adding it is similar to adding the tract at Perryville a couple of years ago. I also urge folks to use Amazonsmile for purchases and designate the ABT as your charity. They get some decent $$$ from that.

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