Week In Review: June 6-13, 2021


Here’s a look back at our busy week!

Sunday, June 6:

Recruiting The Regiment: Comparing descriptions of volunteerism in the 1860’s and 1940’s for the anniversary of D-Day.

Monday, June 7:

Question of the Week focused on regiments in the Western Theater.

Recruiting The Regiment: Sarah Kay Bierle added some images of New York recruiting posters.

Tuesday, June 8:

Recruiting The Regiment: Guest author Brian Swartz wrote about the 2nd Maine Regiment.

Doug Crenshaw reviewed Unsung Hero of Gettysburg: The Story of Union General David McMurtrie Gregg.

Wednesday, June 9:

Symposium Spotlight: The recommended reading list, Part 1.

Recruiting The Regiment: Guest author Mark H. Dunkelman shared his research about the 154th New York Regiment.

Thursday, June 10:

Bert Dunkerly posted Part 3 in the series Antietam’s Lower Field Revisited.

Chris Mackowski’s presentation “Grant’s Last Battle” airs on C-SPAN3.

Drew Gruber wrote about Louis A. Matos and the Battle of Big Bethel for the 160th anniversary.

Friday, June 11:

Sean Chick reviewed the book The Assault on Fort Blakeley.

Cecily Nelson Zander posted about her adventures in Savannah, Georgia.

Recruiting The Regiment: There was a skilled doctor in the ranks of the 2nd Virginia and here’s how he went from private to brigade surgeon…

Saturday, June 12:

Saving History Saturday highlighted the restoration work being done on the Kirkland Monument at Fredericksburg Battlefield this summer.

Recruiting The Regiment: Guest author Lance J. Herdegen shared about Wisconsin’s response to the call for troops.

Sunday, June 13:

This morning Meg Groeling posted “Hush’d Be The Camps Today” for Weekly Whitman.

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