Question of the Week: 6/14-6/20/21

It’s been a while since we’ve visited this fun question…

In your opinion, who had the best nickname during the Civil War?

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26 Responses to Question of the Week: 6/14-6/20/21

  1. Mike Maxwell says:

    “Gray Ghost” John Mosby.

  2. John Pryor says:

    Confederate William “Shot Pouch” Walker, known for his propensity for getting wounded. The eighth shot, alas, killed him, at the Battle of Atlanta.

  3. Chris Kolakowski says:

    William “Old Brick Top” Emory. I also note that George Thomas had several during the war – Pap, Old Slow Trot, The Rock of Chickamauga, The Sledge of Nashville.

  4. Ted Romans says:

    Granny Lee gets my vote

  5. Larry De Maar says:

    Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, probably the most famous nickname.

  6. nygiant1952 says:

    The Rock of Chickamauga

  7. carsonfoardsbcglobalnet says:

    “Old Bald Head Baldy” Ewell….

  8. Lyle Smith says:

    Both Mudwall Jackson and Stovepipe Johnson are lovely. However, Unconditional Surrender Grant has to beat Stonewall Jackson in the final game of nicknames.

  9. Tim Winstead says:

    J.J. Prosper for me D.W. Doctor DeVowell Conner Born Nov. 9, 1830. Joined the Confederate Army 1861. Returned home. June 26, 1865.

    Found Rose Greenhowe’s gold on beach near Fort Fisher after she drown trying to escape capture.

  10. Tom Pilla says:

    When you have a country singer named after you you know you’re famous: Stonewall Jackson.

  11. Daryl McDonald says:

    Uncle Billy, Old Gump. Whatever that means.

  12. Chris Kolakowski says:

    I’ll also vote for “Cerro Gordo” Williams, CSA.

  13. Douglas Pauly says:

    ‘Hancock the Superb’

  14. bologna101 says:

    William Henry French/ Blinky

  15. David Walden says:

    “Shot Pouch” Walker is my favorite; but there are days on which I can empathize with General William “Grumble” Jones.

  16. William “Extra Billy” Smith.

  17. Jim Lewis says:

    Alexander McDowell (Chucklehead) McCook

  18. Kristen Pawlak says:

    Joseph Mower – “The Wolf”

  19. Ed Rowe says:

    There was a “Swamp Fox” in the American Civil War, too. This nickname was given to Capt. J. J. Dickison of the 2nd Florida Cavalry. He never lost to any of the Union troops he fought against in Florida, and in May of 1864 he even led an attack against a Union warship, the USS Columbine. He and his men disabled this gunship and then captured and sank it during the Battle of Horse Landing on the St. Johns River.

  20. Bert Dunkerly says:

    “Baldy” Smith… wasn’t bald.

    Or “Grumble Jones

  21. grandadpookers says:

    “States Rights” Gist

  22. LtReeves says:

    My top 3 favorites:
    1. William “Grumble” Jones
    2. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
    3. Alexander “Chucklehead” McCook

    I never cared for longer nicknames, such as George “The Rock of Chicamauga” Thomas and George “Old Snapping Turtle” Meade, as I’d imagine such were more likely to be used in the newspapers rather than by the campfires of the respective armies.

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