Week In Review: June 13-20, 2021

Another full week of historical content! Recruiting regiments, Overland Campaign, Battles of Petersburg, battlefield tours, Juneteenth, and more…

Sunday, June 13:

In the evening, Nathan Provost posted Part IV of his Comprehensive View of the Overland Campaign.

Monday, June 14:

Question of the Week highlighted nicknames of Civil War leaders.

Sean Michael Chick began his short day-by-day series, looking at June 4-14, 1864 and the movement from the Chickahominy to the James.

Recruiting The Regiment: Chris Mackowski wrote about John Haley and the 17th Maine.

Tuesday, June 15:

Sean Michael Chick shared Petersburg Day One: Wednesday, June 15, 1864.

Recruiting The Regiment: Guest author John Horn shared his expertise on the 12th Virginia Regiment.

Chris Mackowski reviewed Stonewall Jackson, Beresford Hope, and the Meaning of the American Civil War.

Wednesday, June 16:

Symposium Spotlight: It’s Part 2 of recommended books!

Sean Michael Chick added Petersburg Day Two: Thursday, June 16, 1864.

ECW is collaborating with American Battlefield Trust for some summer evening battlefield tours.

Recruiting The Regiment: Sarah Kay Bierle posted about the early days of the Stuart Horse Artillery.

Thursday, June 17:

There’s a new book in the ECW Series! Grant’s Left Hook by Sean Michael Chick is now available.

Bert Dunkerly added Part IV of Antietam’s Lower Field Revisited: A.P. Hill’s Not-So-Devastating Counterattack

Sean Michael Chick wrote Petersburg Day Three: Friday, June 17, 1864

Friday, June 18:

Patrick Young from The Reconstruction Blog shared about an immigrant defender of Black freedom.

ECW Weekender: What’s in Woodville, Virginia?

Sean Michael Chick added Petersburg Day Four: Saturday, June 18, 1864

Saturday, June 19:

Jon Tracy reviewed On Juneteenth.

Saving History Saturday: There’s a new federal holiday with historic roots…

Sunday, June 20: 

Weekly Whitman: Meg Groeling posted “O Captain! My Captain.”

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