ECW Weekender: New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park

If you’re passing through eastern North Carolina, the New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park is well worth a stop.

On March 14, 1862, Ambrose Burnside led three brigades—about 11,000 men—against fortifications manned by about 4,500 Confederates under Laurence O’Bryan Branch. You can read details about the battle here.

The park is free and open to the public during daylight hours, year round. The park features several excellent, well-maintained trails, and the interpretive signs along the way are extremely well done and thoughtful. “Battle Plaza” makes up the park’s interpretive centerpiece: a large, in-ground battle map lays out the action, surrounded by wayside signs that explain various phases of the battle. Best of all, the earthworks are in pristine condition!

It’s worth noting (from the park’s website): “The park is all volunteer-maintained; new volunteers are always welcome. Battlefield Park is privately funded by the New Bern Historical Society through fundraising and donations. Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.”

2 Responses to ECW Weekender: New Bern Civil War Battlefield Park

  1. That was a great tour! Who knew Burnside did something good, which ironically led to the tragedy of Fredericksburg.

  2. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune just over a decade ago. I visited all the Civil and Rev War sites in eastern and central North Carolina. I don’t remember New Bern’s park being so elaborate though. Just a couple roadside signs is all. This must be new I’m guessing. I’m glad to see it. New Bern is also the birthplace of Pepsi.

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