September 2021 ECW Newsletter Now Available

Chris Mackowski at the Brunswick (NC) Civil War Roundtable in early September 2021

The September issue of the Emerging Civil War newsletter went out today. Did you get your copy?

In this issue:

  • Roundtables are starting to open back up, and crowds are enthusiastic for in-person interaction
  • Kevin Pawlak and Kris White spend the day at Antietam shooting videos for the American Battlefield Trust—plus more cool News & Notes (including wedding bells for one of our writers!)
  • While Kevin’s at it, he and Dan Welch explore the roll of Buckeyes at Antietam
  • Neil Chatelain is as steady as Gibraltar as he answers 10 Questions (you’ll get the reference when you see the interview)
  • Ian Hughes, designer of the book covers for the Emerging Civil War Series, shares a toast–and some stories about designing book covers.
  • Mark Wilcox and Rob Orrison visit Camden, South Carolina

And more!

If you didn’t get your copy, you can read it by clicking here. Even better, click the big blue button at the top of our newsletter that says “Join Our Email List” to ensure you get your monthly newsletter delivered automatically. We’d love to keep in contact with you that way! (If you think you should’ve gotten the newsletter but didn’t, please check your spam filer and junk mail folder to be sure we didn’t get misdirected!)

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