ECW on C-SPAN: Bierle on Pelham

Sarah Kay Bierle discussed the fall and martyrdom of “The Gallant” John Pelham.

If you missed Sarah Kay Bierle on C-SPAN this weekend, you can still catch her online. Sarah presented a talk on Confederate artillerist John Pelham at last summer’s “Fallen Leaders” ECW Symposium. It ran this past weekend on C-SPAN 2 and can now be seen on C-SPAN’s website:

Next up: On October 9, tune into C-SPAN 2 at 6:00 p.m. for Matt Atkinson’s talk on Earl Van Dorn.

4 Responses to ECW on C-SPAN: Bierle on Pelham

  1. I recall that Pelham appears in one of Walker Percy’s works…maybe the Last Gentleman? Sorry but I don’t have a copy since retirement. Enjoyed the presentation.

  2. Very well presented, Sarah. Thanks for posting this. As a retired officer, I cannot over-state the difficulty in retrograde operations and this crazy operation where Pelham went out beyond friendly lines at Fredericksburg with one cannon to harass the enemy. It simply required a superb level of skill and daring to perform either operation. Very nice choice of operations to demonstrate the skill and daring of the young Pelham.
    Tom Crane

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