Saving History Saturday: CVBT Announces Preservation of the Beckham Tract at Chancellorsville

It’s the opportunity to finish part of a preservation puzzle and save an artillery position from Jackson’s Flank Attack!

For years, Central Virginia Battlefields Trust has been working to save land from Jackson’s Flank Attack at the Chancellorsville Battlefield. In triangular corner of historic Orange Plank Road and the historic Orange Turnpike (modern Route 3), all that remains to complete the preservation puzzle is a 1.2-acre parcel—and now there is a chance to save it! This is an extraordinary opportunity and the history connected to the land is quite unique.

The current owners of this small tract approached CVBT and are supportive of preservation. The price tag is $310,000, but we anticipate a 4-to-1 dollar match through preservation grants, leaving $60,000 for us to raise to save this piece of hallowed ground and secure the final acreage in this historic triangle of Flank Attack land. Will you join the fight to save this land and help tell the accounts of Beckham’s guns during Jackson’s Flank Attack?

To learn more about the history of Beckham and his artillery at Chancellorsville (and to view maps by ECW’s own Edward Alexander!), check out the website:

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