Week In Review: November 7-14, 2021

Adding to the “bookshelf” with stories from the ECW Series this week, along with posts about the Trent Affair, book reviews, mountain climbing, pop culture music, and much more. Here’s your Week in Review from the Emerging Civil War blog…

Sunday, November 7:

Emerging Civil War Series: No Turning Back

Monday, November 8:

Question of the Week discussed Henry Halleck.

Neil P. Chatelain explored the details of the Trent Affair for the 160th Anniversary.

Emerging Civil War Series: That Furious Struggle

Tuesday, November 9:

Guest author Brian D. Kowell shared about Ulric Dahlgren’s leadership.

Chris Mackowski posted about the premise of Dwight Yoakam’s 1988 song “I Sang Dixie.”

Emerging Civil War Series: Calamity in Carolina

Wednesday, November 10:

Symposium Spotlight: The speakers for 2022 have been announced! (And Early Bird Tickets are on sale.)

Phill Greenwalt reviewed John P. Slough, the Forgotten Civil War General.

Emerging Civil War Series: Dawn of Victory

Thursday, November 11:

Chris Heisey posted a photograph and quote for Veterans Day.

Emerging Civil War Series: To The Bitter End

Friday, November 12:

Cecily Nelson Zander shared about mountain climbing adventures and the naming of some of the grand peaks.

ECW Weekender: Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about hiking Fox Hollow Trail in Shenandoah National Park and exploring the Civil War history of an old cemetery.

Emerging Civil War Series: Fight Like the Devil

Saturday, November 13:

Saving History Saturday: Wilson Creek National Battlefield has received two artifacts for preservation and interpretation.

Emerging Civil War Series: Strike Them a Blow

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