Week In Review: November 14-21, 2021

Here’s your handy-dandy synopsis of all the cool things that went on this past week here at Emerging Civil War:

Sunday, November 14:

Emerging Civil War Series: The Aftermath of Battle

Monday, November 15:

Question of the Week focused on challenging spellings and Civil War history.

Jon Tracey posted a grammar lesson from a Civil War veteran.

Emerging Civil War Series: A Want of Vigilance

Tuesday, November 16:

There’s a new ECW Podcast episode! An interview with Central Virginia Battlefields Trust about their 25 years of saving hallowed ground.

Emerging Civil War Series: Grant’s Last Battle

Wednesday, November 17:

Symposium Spotlight: Jon Tracey will be speaking at the 2022 ECW Symposium next August.

Sheritta Bitikofer shared about her experiences and research with sugar kettles as art.

Emerging Civil War Series: Hell Itself

Thursday, November 18:

David T. Dixon posted about collaborations and expanding the understanding of the American Civil War as an event with global history.

Emerging Civil War Series: Out Flew The Sabres

Friday, November 19:

Jon Tracey posted details about a new video series highlighting Gettysburg National Cemetery and the burials of World War II service members.

ECW Weekender: Bert Dunkerly wrote about finding “the end of the line.”

Emerging Civil War Series: A Long and Bloody Task and All the Fighting They Want

Saturday, November 20:

Saving History Saturday: American Battlefield Trust is working to save 5 more acres at Gettysburg.

Emerging Civil War Series: Don’t Give An Inch

Sunday, November 21:

This morning Frank Jastrzemski wrote about a Mexican War hero and a “What If” of the Civil War.

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