Western Swing: Day 06

Kris White captures Joe Ricci talking about the fighting around the Carter House.

The American Battlefield Trust took a day off yesterday posting videos from our trip. (I think they’re trying to time things out so that our videos from Nashville show up on the anniversary of the last day of the battle!) Before we can get to Nashville, though, we first have to get through Franklin, and as we all know, Confederates had a pretty tough time doing so.

When Kris White, Garry Adelman, and I stopped in Franklin, we met up with Eric Jacobson, executive director of the Battle of Franklin Trust. Eric absolutely knocked it out of the park for us. He is one of the best extemporaneous battle narrators I’ve ever heard. Wait until you hear it!

Also joining us was Joseph Ricci, a young historian on the staff at BOFT who’s doing some writing for ECW. Details on that project to come!

The preservation of the Franklin battlefield over the past 50 years is one of the great success stories in our field. Join Eric Jacobson and Joseph Ricci of the Battle of Franklin Trust for a tour of the battlefield, including the famous Carter House with its preserved bullet hole wall. #FranklinBattlefieldTour


Explore more of the Franklin Battlefield, including a private Confederate Cemetery with Eric Jacobson from the Battle of Franklin Trust, Dr. Chris Mackowski of Emerging Civil War and Garry Adelman. #FranklinBattlefieldTour

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