Western Swing: Day 07

Kris White is ON: on screen on Shy’s Hill on the outskirts of Nashville.

The American Battlefield Trust has finished posting the videos from our trip to the western battlefields, and we’re pleased to be sharing them here with you.

Kris White, Garry Adelman, and I began the day with Eric Jacobson at Carnton on the Franklin Battlefield. Eric is the executive director of the Battle of Franklin Trust, and man, can he roll off a fantastic talk! Kris, Garry, and I then moved up to Nashville to explore some of the still-existent pieces of the December 1864 battle. There’s more Civil War to explore in Nashville than you might think.

Take a look!

Carnton, built in 1826, was one of the premier farms in Middle Tennessee. On November 30, 1864, the home and the McGavocks who lived there found themselves in the middle of one of the most dramatic events of the Civil War. Join Eric Jacobson from the Battle of Franklin Trust for a tour of the grounds and details about the role it played in the Battle of Franklin.


Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood began his Tennessee Campaign with lofty, if not impossible, aspirations: if he could take Nashville, — the base of Union operations in the West, he could prolong the war and force Union Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s recall from Georgia. Kristopher White of the American Battlefield Trust details the beginning of the Battle of Nashville from a small, but important preserved part of the battlefield. #NashvilleBattlefieldTour


Join us at historic Fort Negley in Nashville, Tennessee – constructed by Union forces in late 1862 after the Confederate Army abandoned the city following the events at Forts Henry and Donelson. Watch to find out the role that the fort ultimately played in the Battle of Nashville in December, 1864.

Kristopher White, Garry Adelman and Dr. Chris Mackowski on the call!


Join Kristopher White and Garry Adelman atop Shy’s Hill in Nashville, Tennessee, as they detail the Battle of Nashville and bring our Western Theater trip to a close. #NashvilleBattlefieldTour

This wrapped up our trip to west Tennessee and northern Mississippi. It was a blast. I want to offer a special thanks to Garry, Kris, and the American Battlefield Trust for bringing me along!

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  1. I enjoyed the entire series. The most interesting coverage took place at Franklin, where I had been previously on two different occasions, but it appears that the Franklin Trust has added significantly to the preserved areas since my earlier trips.

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