Year in Review 2021: #4

You’re reading along with the Emerging Civil War Top Ten of 2021. We’re counting down the ten most-read posts written in 2021. I’m your host, trying to channel the “radio voice” of the late, great Kasey Kasem as we count ’em down.

We’re at #4 on our list. And that means it’s time for a long-distance dedication.

In 2021, ECW’s “crazy aunt,” Meg Groeling announced she was having some pretty serious health problems, which she discussed here. At the time, ECW was in the midst of commemorating events that took place in 1861 as part of our efforts to highlight the 160th anniversary of the war. One of those events, as it happened, tied directly to Meg’s primary interest of study, which was also her lifelong Civil War passion: the May 24 death of Col. Elmer Ellsworth. Unfortunately, Meg’s health at the time was so poor that she was unable to commemorate the anniversary of the very event she had so long studied.

With the help of behind-the-scenes ECWS copyeditor Leon Reed, ECW put together a post on May 24, 2021, that not only recognized Ellsworth’s death but also paid tribute to our dear colleague and friend, Meg: “Remember Ellsworth!

“Remember Ellsworth!”


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