Year in Review 2021: #3

We’ve reached #3 on our countdown of most-read ECW posts written in 2021.

We’ve been channeling our inner Kasey Kasem, but for this one, it’s time to channel one of ECW’s Polish Chrises.

On February 15, 2021, for the anniversary of the 1862 surrender of Fort Donelson, Chris Kolakowski tapped into a primary account from Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner, who was charged with the surrender of Donelson to his old friend Ulysses S. Grant.

Buckner, who died in 1914, was the oldest-living Confederate to have served as a lieutenant general. In 1909, he offered his thoughts to Confederate Veteran magazine about a pair of his high-command compatriots, which Chris K. recounted: “Buckner Assesses Bragg and Longstreet.”

Buckner Assesses Bragg and Longstreet

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