Question of the Week: 1/3/22-1/9/22

Do you have any Civil War-related new year’s resolutions? Places to visit? Books to read? New campaigns to study?

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  1. I am new to ECW and will probably attend the Symposium in August. I am hoping to purchase “Call Out the Cadets” and Ends of War.” Am excited to meet fellow Civil War enthusiests in the future.

  2. Has anyone ever written about Northern Yankees joining the Confederate cause and/or Military?

  3. For Christmas 2021 my daughter gifted me, “No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy” by Jim Proser. I finished it today. The biography of USMC General James Mattis included an unexpected reference to Mattis’ operations in Afghanistan following the events of 9-11: during planning and conduct of those operations, General Mattis used Grierson’s Raid into Mississippi during Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign of 1863 as template “of what a small unit creating chaos in the enemy’s rear can accomplish in support of the overall mission.” It was heartening to find lessons from the Civil War still relevant… For those interested, the reference also appears on page 22 of the attached “Mattis Way of War” by the Combat Studies Institute

  4. Hoping to make my first trip to Chickamauga. Studying with ECW “Bushwacking On a Grand Scale” and books by Dave Powell.

    1. Suggest getting the walking tour of Snodgrass hill and Horsehoe Ridge available in the bookstore at the visitor’s center. Did it after I participated in the 150th reenactment.

  5. I may spend more time in 2022 studying the antebellum period. The new biography on John C Calhoun seems a great place to start.

  6. I have two trips planned so far: Rev War and Civil War sites in coastal SC and in eastern NC. Time to hit some of the lesser known sites.

  7. We plan to visit Franklin, Tenn. to see how much battlefield has been recovered since our last visit there years ago. And Carnton is a “must see” stop on that visit.

  8. In addition to working toward my degree, I’ve got my eye on visiting a few new places and a few other familiar ones in the Carolinas, Alabama, and Mississippi, but we’ll see how the year pans out. If I can swing it, the ECW Symposium is still on the table.

  9. I expect to return to Gettysburg for sure, and hope for a weeklong trip toFredericksburg Slaughter Pen, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna and Cold Harbor.( I did this trip 20 years ago and look forward to the many changes.) I have 3-4 ECW books in the pile to read

  10. Write a monograph on the Battle of Fort Stevens. Did a diorama of the battle and set it up in my office under a period map of the battle. Just too tempting in comparing January 6th to the battle.

  11. Plan to attend the Winter speaker presentation with Matt Atkinson at the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center on January 29th.Also looking forward to the ECW 2022 Symposium

  12. Will be reading on the Trans-Mississippi campaigns in Louisiana this year. Might visit some points of interests involved in those campaigns. Want to get up to Vicksburg as well and maybe even back East, as I did this year.

    Would like to try writing up something on a skirmish that happened in early August of 1863 in Jackson, Louisiana (East Louisiana and not far from Port Hudson) that involved 500 to 700 white and black Union soldiers fighting side by side (three Regiments of Corps de Afrique were there). The OR only has two reports on the skirmish, but would like to research some of the Union and Confederates who were there that day to see if they say more about it. Union troops were routed by about 500 or so Confederates. Union units were in the town to “recruit” local blacks into their ranks. A number of black soldiers were captured. Hearsay in the Union reports suggest a couple of the captured black troops were hung and a larger number beaten. Confederate report says nothing of this, but they do end their report asking General Hardee what they should do with the black soldiers they captured.

  13. So many books, so litte time. I will be reading the following that Santa brought me this Christmas. Stephen A. Swails by Gordon Rhea; Remembering the Battle of the Crater by Kevin Levin; Searching for Black Confederates by Kevin Levin; The Record of Murders and Outrages by William A. Blair; A Mortal Blow to the Confederacy by Mark Bielski and Grant’s Left Hook by Sean Chick.

    As far as visiting battlefields this year I have no immediate plans, but I just read that Little Round Top will be closing for a makeover sometime this early spring.

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