Saving History Saturday: Ken Burns Advocates for Preservation at Manassas Battlefield

Filmmaker Ken Burns has spoken out, opposing a proposed digital data center that would be located next to Manassas National Battlefield Park. In a letter to the supervisors of Prince William County, Burns called the project the “single greatest threat to Manassas National Battlefield in nearly three decades.” He declared: “As a student and chronicler of American history for more than 40 years, I can attest to how fragile our precious heritage is and how susceptible it can be to the ravages of ‘progress.'”

Earlier, in December 2021, the park’s superintendent also wrote a letter to express concern about the development that would include more than 100 acres of land consider “core battlefield area” by the American Battlefield Protection Program authorized by Congress.

To read more statements, historical references, and to get up-to-date details about the next steps, please reference this article from National Parks Traveler:

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