Week In Review: February 13-20, 2022


Come explore some more Civil War Forts with us in the special series! Then, check out the new guest posts, some Valentine’s Day romance, a disunion conference in 1857, and more…

Sunday, February 13:

In the evening, Chris Mackowski shared the myth of Mrs. Bixby’s Letter.

Monday, February 14:

Question of the Week focused on defending or attacking a Civil War fort.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about Colonel Joseph Thoburn’s romantic writings (for Valentine’s Day).

Chris Kolakowski wrote about the 44th Indiana receiving their regimental colors and Fort Donelson.

Tuesday, February 15:

Guest author Lloyd W. Klein shared about railroads influencing Civil War strategy.

Forts: Brian Swartz wrote about Vice President Hamlin at Fort McClary.

Wednesday, February 16:

Symposium Spotlight: Sean Chick will be sharing “What Ifs” about Braxton Bragg at the 2022 Symposium in August.

David T. Dixon posted about the Disunion Convention of 1857.

Forts: Sarah Kay Bierle posted about Fort McHenry & the Civil War.

Thursday, February 17:

Forts: Sheritta Bitikofer wrote about Pensacola’s advanced redoubts.

ECW Guest Author Stuart W. Sanders shared research about rain and flintlocks affecting the Confederate attack at Mill Springs.

Friday, February 18:

Meg Groeling reviewed The Howling Storm.

Forts – ECW Weekender: Video touring forts on the ECW YouTube!

Saturday, February 19:

Saving History Saturday: “Road to Freedom” App wins Silver in a new initiative of the Webby Awards.

Forts: Kevin Pawlak shared about Fort Beauregard at Manassas.

Guest Author Max Longley shared Part I about the Ely/Faulkner exchange.

Sunday, February 20:

This morning Guest Author Max Longley added Part II of his research about the Ely/Faulkner exchange.

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