February 2022 ECW Newsletter Now Available

What’s that old Beatles song: “I get by with a little help from my friends….”

In the latest issue of the Emerging Civil War newsletter, which went out yesterday, we give some props to some of our friends—including you, Faithful Reader. We get by because you do so much to support us.

Also in this issue…

Joe Truglio (left) and Wally Ruekel (right) do their best to class up Chris Mackowski (but it’s a losing battle….)

  • Pictures, stories, and a few tall tales from ECW’s recent retreat in Gettysburg (plus a cameo by historian Tim Smith)
  • Book buying and beer
  • News & Notes that include Bentonville, Charleston, and Chambersburg
  • Abe Lincoln as a writer and George Washington as a birthday boy
  • …and more!

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One Simple Thing You Can Do to Help Emerging Civil War

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