Symposium Spotlight: Suggested Reading – Part 1

This week our Symposium Spotlight will get you excited about a winter and spring reading list. In part one of this series, our presenters have suggested works that will get you prepared for this year’s theme “Fallen Leaders of the Civil War.” Let us know in the comments if you have read any of these, recommend any, or ones that you are looking forward to picking up!

Phill Greenwalt, who will be presenting on “What If: The Confederate Western Empire,” recommends the following books:

Alberts, Don E.  The Battle of Glorieta: Union Victory in the West

Colton, Ray C. The Civil War in the Western Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

Frazier, Donald. Blood and Treasure: Confederate Empire in the Southwest

Hardwick, Martin & Jerry Thompson. Sibley’s New Mexico Campaign

Masich, Andrew E. The Civil War in Arizona: The Story of the California Volunteers, 1861-1865

Nelson, Megan Kate. The Three-Cornered War: The Union, the Confederacy, and Native Peoples in the Fight for the West

Pittman, Dr. Walter Earl. New Mexico and the Civil War

Thompson, Jerry. Civil War in the Southwest: Recollections of the Sibley Brigade

Sean Chick, who will be presenting on “Braxton Bragg and Command of the Army of Tennessee,” recommends the following books:

Hess, Earl J. The Most Hated Man in the Confederacy 

Powell, David A. & Eric J. Wittenberg. Tullahoma: The Forgotten Campaign That Changed the Civil War, June 23 – July 4, 1863

Tanner, Robert G. Retreat to Victory?: Confederate Strategy Reconsidered

Neil Chatelain, presenting on “Ambitions and Challenges of a Confederate Navy European Ironclad Squadron,” recommends the following books:

Bigelow, John. France and the Confederate Navy. Harper & Brothers, 1888.

Bulloch, James D. The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe: Or, How the Confederate Cruisers were Equipped. Richard, Bentley, & Son, 1883, 2 Volumes.

English, Andrew R. The Laird Rams: Britain’s Ironclads Built for the Confederacy, 1862-1923. McFarland & Company, 2021.

Foreman, Amanda. A World on Fire: Britain’s Crucial Role in the American Civil War. Random House, 2010.

Greene, Jack and Alessandro Massignani. Ironclads at War: The origin and Development of the Armored Warship, 1854-1891. Da Capo Press, 1998.

Merli, Frank. Great Britain and the Confederate Navy, 1861-1865. Indiana University Press, 1970.

Spencer, Warren F. The Confederate Navy in Europe. University of Alabama Press, 1983.

Kevin Pawlak, who is sitting on the “What If’s of the Maryland Campaign” Panel recommends the following books:

Carman, Ezra A., ed. Thomas G. Clemens. The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, 3 vols.

Gottfried, Bradley M. The Maps of Antietam

Harsh, Joseph L. Taken at the Flood: Robert E. Lee & Confederate Strategy in the Maryland Campaign of 1862

Hartwig, D. Scott. To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of September 1862

Sears, Stephen W. Landscape Turned Red: The Battle of Antietam


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