Question of the Week: 4/4-4/10/22

Have you visited Shiloh Battlefield? Do you have a favorite location to see and study?

14 Responses to Question of the Week: 4/4-4/10/22

  1. I like the area around the cemetery, Grant’s Headquarters, the gift shop and museum. I picture Sherman coming up to Grant in the rain and advising to retreat and Grant, looking over the brim of his hat in a cold rain saying, “Lick em tomorrow”. I’ve also gone on a re-enactment of Lew Wallace’s march and that was cool.

  2. Yes I have been to Shiloh. It’s hard to the decide on a particular part of the battlefield. I liked the Indian mounds. Something you don’t see on Civil war battlefields much.

  3. The entire field in a line from the area of Spain Field through the Hornet’s Nest area to Pittsburg Landing. I have made a mission out of studying the 1st Minnesota Light Artillery on April 6 and following their multiple locations of unlimbering and limbering.

  4. We finally got to visit Shilo last September. I liked the area covering Pittsburg Landing because of the actions of the Union gunboats there. I’ve always been interested in the naval aspects of the Battle of Shilo.

  5. We were there several years ago on April 6th and participated in a reenactment on Fraleys field. There were 60 of us, 30 Union and 30 Confederate marching toward each other. It was a real eye opener what you could see at 5:30 in the morning.

  6. I was there for the 150th reenactment ten yearrs ago. I stopped by the Visitor’s Center in full uniform (Yankee) and was “conscripted” to describe the care and feeding of a Napoleon 12 pounder on display to a group of elementary students by the short staffed personnel at the center. That was the most fun I had on the battlefield. However, the two-day ride on the 150th anniversary Union Pacific steam “reenacted troop” train with a flatcar of cannon addition, with observers all along the way to the battlefield carring both Union and Confederate reenactors was the best “off battlefield” experience.

  7. Been there many times. The whole field is interesting, but my favorite parts are probably Sherman’s and Prentiss’ initial defensive lines.

  8. I love the wide open nature of the preserved area. The Cemetery is breathtaking.

  9. I loved the entire battlefield, but was drawn to the Pittsburg Landing site and the site of the church.

  10. The Confederate Monument – very moving and beautiful. The depection of the goddesses, the expression of the soldiers statues tell the story. My opinion, the best monument on the battlefield and many other battlefields.

  11. Yes, once. I’d love to go back again sometime; The landscape is wonderfully preserved. Somehow, my mind always goes back to the feeling of awe in seeing all the of the cannons lined up in the representation of Ruggles’ batteries and realizing that the number of guns on display are just a fraction of what was actually gathered together in that line during the battle.

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