Symposium Spotlight: Sunday Tour at the Slaughter Pen

We’re pleased to announce that the Sunday morning tour at the 2022 Emerging Civil War Symposium will be at Slaughter Pen Farm on Fredericksburg Battlefield. Join Emerging Civil War founders Kris White and Chris Mackowski for a new look at the Union attacks along the railroad tracks, against Prospect Hill, and the break-through in the Confederate lines.

Slaughter Pen Farm at Fredericksburg

You’ll have a chance to see how terrain and topography impact a battle and the leadership decisions that create some of the lessons and “what ifs” of the Battle of Fredericksburg. You’ll also hear how the battlefield preservation community rallied to raised millions of dollars to preserve this important piece of battleground which is vital for understanding the 1862 combat.

The Sunday tour is always included in the Symposium Ticket, and we encourage you to purchase tickets early. There are just a few left! We can’t wait to see you “on the battlefield” in August.

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  1. Both my roundtable and I have donated to this Trust appeal but I’ve never been on that part of the battlefield. Really looking forward to it!

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