Question of the Week: 4/18-4/24/22


If you had to participate in a Civil War march, what would be your preferred method of 19th Century military transportation?

Horse, mule, supply wagon, ambulance, etc.

(Or just walking)

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12 Responses to Question of the Week: 4/18-4/24/22

  1. Shipdriver says:

    Ship! Or boat.

  2. mark harnitchek says:

    Walking … but only at the head of the column — less dust!

  3. Chuck Mains says:

    an elephant in armor, carrying a catapalt, guarded by Maori warriors shooting poisonous darts.

  4. Charles Martin says:

    Pullman luxury railroad car (like the one at Robert Lincoln”s Hildene home)

  5. Thomas Pilla says:

    Horse, why walk. Also cavalry has all those cool accoutrements.

  6. Douglas Pauly says:


  7. Horse. All the way. I wouldn’t even care about being saddle sore. Anything but walking!

  8. John Pryor says:

    Mule. Channel my inner Festus Haggen.

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