Question of the Week: 5/9-5/15/22

We usually talk about THE BEST, but let’s change it up…

In your opinion, who was THE WORST leader/officer during the Overland Campaign? Why?

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  1. Benjamin Butler wins the gold medal for “THE WORST” Union general officer” of the campaign … coinsiding w/Grant’s movement south, Butler’s mission was to move up the Peninsula, cut the Richmond-Petersburg RR, and divert forces from the ANV — he failed on both counts … instead, Butler’s army was roughly handled in series of battles near Richmond and got bottled-up in the Bermuda Hundred peninsula by ragtag force lead by PGT Beauregard.

    1. I was walking at North Anna this morning. Given that Ledlie got drunk, disobeyed orders, and got men in his command slaughtered, he is a strong candidate on this one.

  2. I’d say that person is likely a Union officer, not ANV. Being responsible for getting bottled up in Bermuda Hundred makes the list. I read somewhere, maybe in Wainwright, that the general feeling among the V Corps was that General Crawford was a problem child for Warren well before Five Forks. There’s plenty of criticizable decisions, Jubal Early’s not seeing the vision of Gordon’s flank attack at the Wilderness, Grant at Cold Harbor, no Union night charge at Petersburg day 1 when the enemy was firing high, but imo by this time in the war most of the “Iverson’s Pits” kind of leaders were weeded out.

    1. Actually, to make this a more challenging question, it should be “THE WORST SOBER leader/officer”. Welcome to the North Anna Saloon.

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