May 2022 ECW Newsletter Now Available

Did you get your May 2022 ECW Newsletter today? If not, you’re missing out on the latest news from ECW (because, of course, that’s what a newsletter is supposed to contain). In this issue:

  • A reminder of the wealth of riches we have every May as Civil War buffs—and how we’re invited to think about that by month’s end
  • A reminder that we have only a handful of tickets left for our Eighth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge (order here!)
  • A reminder that high gas prices are NOT the Civil War historian’s friend—and what roundtables could be doing to help
  • A look at the latest release from the Emerging Civil War Series
  • News & Notes that include a return ranger in Gettysburg; a return monument in Madison, WI; horse racing in Kentucky; and college football from Georgia.
  • A Q&A with Book Review Editor Steve Davis
  • A WHOLE LOT of multimedia for you to take advantage of

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