A Quick Video Tour of Vicksburg

In August 2021, I had the chance to visit Vicksburg National Military Park and took the opportunity to shoot some video footage while I was out and about. It’s not a comprehensive tour–parts of the park were closed and I had a flight to catch in Jackson, so I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked. That said, I did get to enjoy the park and visit some cool spots.

One hundred and fifty-nine years ago right now, the two armies were settled into a 47-day siege. I thought a great way to commemorate that event this year would be to take you along on my quick (12-minute) video tour:


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5 Responses to A Quick Video Tour of Vicksburg

  1. This was a great video, thank you! I loved the Shirley House!

  2. lynettecw says:

    Thanks so much for the video. Thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since my great-grandfather fought in the battle there.

  3. Lyle Smith says:

    Will be there 2 weekends from now. Thank you for all the cool videos you take the time and effort to make.

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  5. Bryan Fields says:

    You went to Jackson!?! Did you comb your hair? Did you snowball it?

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