Alas, No C-SPAN at the Symposium

Some unfortunate news from C-SPAN today. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to send a crew to cover the ECW Symposium at Stevenson Ridge.

If you’re staying home from the Symposium this year because you figure you’ll catch the sessions on C-SPAN—whoops! There’s still time to get a ticket, though. You can sign up through the Symposium page on the ECW website. Join us for “The Great What-Ifs of the American Civil War” August 5-7, 2022 in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Compared to previous years, C-SPAN only has 24 hours of American History programming instead of 48, and they no longer have a dedicated Civil War slot as part of that programming. They also underwent a consolidation of staff last year.

So, with fewer hours of programming available and fewer staff members to cover events, they aren’t able to make it Spotsylvania next month.

Hopefully YOU can, though. We’d love to see you in person!

8 Responses to Alas, No C-SPAN at the Symposium

    1. ESPN´s Sportscenter (from 4 different channels + 1 Fox Sports) does not include a single baseball news in an baseball country,such as Venezuela. for years.

  1. Is it possible to have someone video the symposium with an iPhone and post it on YouTube? I am from California and had planned to attend driving my RV; however, the price of gas changed my plans. So sad.

  2. I agree – I’m in Colorado, and the distance makes this a non-starter, even though I’d love to attend. With C-Span not present, is there any way that some of the content could be captured for the YouTube channel?

  3. That’s sad news on CSPAN, god bless them. Aye, but the one thing they did that made me crazy though was their camera focus on the speaker when he’s talking to the audience about something visible on the projection screen behind and above him to the left (or right depending on the venue.) Anecdotally, I would say only 20% of the time the cameraman (or editor of the episode) would show the contents of the screen when appropriate. But they had a wide, nay a fantastic, selection of Civil War topics and I’m sad to see their decline. I would encourage all to attend if circumstances befit, and rub elbows, confer, converse and otherwise hob-nob your brother wizards, an experience neither CSPAN nor ESPN can bring into your living room.

  4. If only one of your speakers had explored whether John Magruder’s love of amateur theatrics and flashy maneuvers was indicative of gender fluidity, you can bet CSPAN would have jumped all over the Symposium. Alas, not their moderne cup of tea.

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