Saving History Saturday: Little Round Top Rehabilitation Project Scheduled to Begin

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The closure of Little Round Top at Gettysburg is scheduled to finally begin the week of July 25th. The closure and beginning of rehabilitation work was originally supposed to begin in the spring but was delayed.

The installation of fencing, detour signs, and other barriers is expected to begin next week. The full closure of Little Round Top will occur shortly after the signage and fencing is installed. An exact date for that has not been decided. The project is expected to take 18 months, and Little Round Top will be completely closed during that time.

The rehabilitation work will address parking, poor accessibility, and related safety hazards, significant erosion, and degraded vegetation. The project is expected to re-establish, preserve, and protect the features that make up this part of the battlefield landscape. Additional work will improve the visitor experience through new interpretive signage, new accessible trails and gathering areas.

The Devil’s Den rehabilitation project continues. Having begun in March, the length of the project is still expected to take five to six months. As of mid-June, the park and the contractor are working on the quality control list.

To learn more about the rehabilitation work at Little Round Top, visit the Gettysburg National Military Park page at the NPS website.

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2 Responses to Saving History Saturday: Little Round Top Rehabilitation Project Scheduled to Begin

  1. grandadpookers says:

    I applaud the GNMP for making the difficult decision to take time to do the project correctly, with no short cuts evident. During construction on LRT, In expect to focus on other areas — the Park is rich with opportunities.

    • John Foskett says:

      I second that emphatically. Get it right. The work they’ve been doing there since Y2K, when that obscene erector set was imploded, should be applauded.

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