Yes, There Have Been Tech Difficulties

Well, Good Afternoon…

If you are able to see this message, that’s fantastic, and it means that Emerging Civil War’s website/blog is available to you. If you have friends who are not able to see it or if you can see it on your computer but not your phone (or vice versa), fear not!

The ECW Team is aware that there were/are technical difficulties with the website today for some users. While we appreciate the feedback and updates, you don’t need to email or message us like it’s new news.

There was an issue with our website domain early on Tuesday morning. We called our tech contractor, and he fixed it!

So why are there still some website display issues? In 19th Century military terms, some messengers are quicker than others. In semi-technical terms, computers and servers are processing the updates which were completed this morning, and it could take up to 48 hours for everything to correct. (I think George McClellan would be impressed!)

As always, thanks for being part of the ECW journey. I hope you’re seeing this post and that means all has been restored for the communication pathways to your electronic devices. If not yet…just know the “telegraph lines” are already under repair, and we’ll be back in the communication business soon.

5 Responses to Yes, There Have Been Tech Difficulties

  1. It has been weeks since I could “like” something, but Twitter & FB are fine. Jus’ sayin’.

  2. please thank you IT folks for wonderfully designed, intuitively easy to use and highly reliable site.

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